Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Full Moon Rising Necklace (camelhoop, turquoise)



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Hand metalformed metalbrass metalhoop metalnecklace metalwith metalmacrame metaland metalbeads metalwith metalnatural metalstring metalfibers metaland metala metalbit metalof metalbrass metalbling metal- metalperfect metalfor metalgetting metaldressed metalup metalor metala metalcasual metalday!\rNickel metaland metallead metalfree metalantique metalbrass metalchain.\rpendant metal- metal2 metal1/2" metallength, metal2" metalwide\rchain metal- metal16" metalwith metal4" metalextender, metaltrigger metalclasp metalclosure\r\rAvailable metalin metalmany metaldifferent metalcolors. metal metalEmail metalAMiRA metaljewelry metalfor metala metalmore metalpersonalized metalcolor metalpalette!\r\rAlso metalavailable metalin metalSterling metalSilver metaland metalGold metalFilled metalfor metaladditional metalcost.

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