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pot metal, Twenty-One (21) POT METAL CHARMS (4944)



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Vintage charmstwenty-one charms(21) charmspot charmsmetal charmscharms: charms6 charmscrosses, charms1 charmsice charmsskate, charms1 charmsbison, charms2 charmshorseshoes, charms2 charmsanchors, charms4 charmsguitars, charms1 charmswashboard, charms1 charmscat charms(leg charmsbroken), charms1 charmsjockey charmson charmshorse, charmsand charms2 charmsowls charmson charms charmsa charmsswing. charmsAll charmscharms charmsrange charmsfrom charms1/2" charms- charms1". charmsAll charmsare charmsin charmsvery charmsgood charmscondition charmsexcept charmsfor charmsthe charmscat...broken charmsleg, charmsand charmsa charmslittle charmsbit charmsof charmstarnish charmson charmsa charmscouple charmspieces. charmsUnsigned.

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