Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

contemporary, Sterling Silver Double Bananas Bracelet



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This linksis linksa linksbeautiful linksbracelet linksthat linksreally linksmakes linksa linksstatement! linksHand-crafted linksin linkssterling linkssilver, linksfrom linksa linkscarved linkswax linksmodel, links8 links"double-banana" linkscomponents linksare linkslinked linkswith linkssimple linkssilver linksrings. linksThe linksbracelet linkscloses linkswith linksa linkssmaller linksbanana-shaped linkstoggle linksthat linksslips linkscleverly linksthrough linksan linksopening linksin linksone linksof linksthe linkscomponents. linksEach linkscomponent linksis linksabout links1" linksx links3/4" linksand linksthe linksbracelet linksis linksabout links6 links3/4" linksfrom linksend linksto linksend. linksFinished linksto linksa linkssparkly linksfrost, linksit's linksbeen linksone linksof linksmy linksmost linkspopular linksdesigns.

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