Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

charm, Silver OM pendant.



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Silver silverOM silverpendant. silver silver1.8gm silverand silver1.5cm silvertall silvernot silverincluding silverbail. silverHandmade silverso silverplease silverdo silvernot silverlook silverfor silverperfection silveras silverin silvermass-produced silverproducts.Please silvernote silverthat silveritems silverare silvershipped silvervia silverregular silvermail, silverI silvercannot silveraccept silverresponsibility silver silverfor silverany silveritem silverthat silveris silverlost silverin silverthe silvermail. silverIf silveryou silverwould silverlike silverthe silveritem silvertracked silverduring silvershipping silverplease silvercontact silverme silverwith silveryour silveraddress silverand silverI silverwill silveradvise silveryou silverof silverthe silverrate.

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