Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Stunning Sterling Silver and Turquoise Insect Bug Pin Broochsouthwestern design, Perfect Size!



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PLEASE pinREAD pinRETURN pinPOLICY pinAND pinFULL pinDESCRIPTION pinTHAT pinINCLUDES pinSIZES pinAND pinCONDITION. pinStunning pinSterling pinSilver pinand pinTurquoise pinInsect pinBug pinPin pinBrooch: pin pinThis pinhigh pinquality pinsterling pinsilver pinand pinturquoise pininsect/bug pinis pina pinperfect pinsize pinfor pinmany pinclothes, pinhats, pinpurses pinand pinmore. pinThis pinpiece pinis pinnot pinmarked pinbut pinI pindo pinbelieve pinit pinis pineither pinMexican pinor pinNative pinAmerican. pinThe pinpiece pinis pinmade pinof pinsterling\u00a0silver pinalthough pinthere pinis pinno pinmark, pinit pintests pinas pinsuch. pinThe pincenter pinfeatures pina pingorgeous pinnatural pinturquoise pinblue pinstone. pinThe pinswivel pinclosure pinfunctions pinwithout pinissue.\u00a0 pinThis pinbrooch pinweighs pin6.8 pingrams pinand pinmeasures pin1" pinby pin1 pin1/8" pinacross.\u00a0\u00a0This pinlittle pininsect pinwill pinbrighten pinany pinday pinwhen pinyou pintake pinher pinalong!PLEASE pinNOTE: pinVintage pinJewelry: pin pinPlease pinknow pinthat pinvintage pinjewelry pinoften pinhas pinsome pinsigns pinof pinuse pinupon pinclose pinexamination, pinas pinwell pinas pinsome pinpatina pinon pinsterling pinitems. pin pinIf pinthere pinis pindamage pinthat pinis pinobvious pinon pincasual pinexamination, pinI pinwill pinbring pinthat pinto pinyour pinattention pinin pinthe pindescription pinand pinin pina pinphoto.Thank pinyou pinfor pinvisiting pinmy pinshop pinand pinplease pincome pinback pinsoon pinsince pinI'm pinlisting pinwonderful pinjewelry pinweekly!To pinsee pinall pinthe pinlovely pinjewelry pinI pinhave pinlisted pinclick pinhere: pin pin pin pin pinhttps://www./shop/ElNove

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