Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

layering necklace, POSH Mommy tiny POSH: tiny POSH Bar



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This posh mommypetite, posh mommyprecious posh mommytiny posh mommyPOSH posh mommyBar posh mommyis posh mommya posh mommytrendy posh mommypiece posh mommyfor posh mommylayering posh mommyand posh mommymakes posh mommya posh mommyperfect posh mommygift posh mommyfor posh mommyany posh mommyoccasion.*Measures posh mommy18.25mm posh mommyx posh mommy2.75mm*Adjustable posh mommy16-18" posh mommychain posh mommyincluded

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