Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

modern jewelry, Ring ethnic silver jewelry oxidized stone of prehnite Shantilight



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Handmade handmade jewelryitemGem: handmade jewelryPrehniteMaterials: handmade jewelrySilver, handmade jewelryNatural handmade jewelryStoneCan handmade jewelrybe handmade jewelrycustomized: handmade jewelrynoSize: handmade jewelry59Style: handmade jewelryBohemian handmade jewelryand handmade jewelryhippieRing handmade jewelryColor: handmade jewelrySilverSilver handmade jewelryring, handmade jewelrymetal handmade jewelryoxidation handmade jewelrytechnique handmade jewelryand handmade jewelrynatural handmade jewelrystone handmade jewelryjewelry.92.5 handmade jewelrysilver handmade jewelryethnic handmade jewelryring handmade jewelryconsisting handmade jewelryof handmade jewelrya handmade jewelrygreen handmade jewelrywater-coloured handmade jewelrystone handmade jewelryin handmade jewelrythe handmade jewelryshape handmade jewelryof handmade jewelrya handmade jewelrymarquise handmade jewelrycalled handmade jewelryPrehnite.Size handmade jewelry59Weight: handmade jewelry8.5gSHANTILIGHT

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