Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Lilac and mint coloured glass speckled heart dangly drop earringsfrit, fused glass heartsfrit, heart earringsfrit, fused glass earringsfrit,



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Heart green glassshaped green glasssolid green glassglass green glassearrings green glassmade green glassfrom green glass green glassglass green glassfrit green glassincluding green glassa green glasssmattering green glassof green glassdichroic. green glassThese green glassearrings green glassare green glassa green glasslovely green glassmixture green glassof green glasspredominantly green glasslilac, green glassmint green glassgreen green glassand green glassyellow/green green glassBullseye green glassglass. green glassThe green glasshearts green glassmeasure green glass17mm green glassacross. green glassThe green glassearrings green glasshave green glasssilver green glassplated green glassbails green glassand green glasssilver green glasswires green glassand green glasscome green glassin green glassa green glassgift green glassbox.

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